Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

One of the most historic days may be this month...


The world's first privately funded manned space flight is scheduled for Monday, June 21!

Funny how they expect only local radio coverage of this event, but also are cognizant of the historical significance of what they hope to achieve. I will be quite disappointed if at least one major international TV news crew isn't on hand for this! And yet, somehow, I expect they won't be. It'll just get a 10-second mention on the nightly news, probably. Events of tremendous significance often are mostly given little more than a shrug in the news -- kinda like the two-paragraph blurb about some rogue Arab guy called Osama bin-Laden declaring war on the U.S. a few years ago... (an Afghan co-worker saw it and said, "This guy is bad news, man. He can do some nasty shit.")

But I digress. Manned space flight, without government control! How cool is that! This has been building up for a while (there's a huge amount of money going to the first team to accomplish this, and Scaled Composites has been leading the race practically the entire way), but now they're ready to do it! (The X Prize isn't paid until the craft carries passengers on two space flights within a two-week period, so the checkbook isn't actually out yet. The flight on June 21 will have just the solo pilot on board.)

Now then, if the test flight is successful, would YOU risk being one of the passengers on those first two flights?
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