Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Mystery visitor

I got back from lunch at work today (the two-days-per-week job at a computer store) and was told that someone had come in asking for me and waited for some time before leaving. It sounds like someone who was not a customer, but someone who wanted to see me.

So I asked what the person looked like, and asked specifics, thinking of people who might come to the store looking for me. Apparently, this visitor was a tall male, mid-30s to early-40s, with light blond (possibly bleached) hair cut quite short, with no facial hair and pale white skin.

blinkblink. I can't think of anyone I know who fits that description. I can't think of any customers who look like that whom I've helped recently and who might have come in looking for me and only me, either.

I don't like mysteries!
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