Ron O'Dell (keeper1st) wrote,
Ron O'Dell

Got stuff from Italy

Our friend Federica Giulietti from Italy sent us a package! She sent a drawing of Linda and I as Warners, a CD of a popular Italian singer whose songs are all in English, and a couple of comic books which are made in Italy -- one for me, one for Linda. She has sent comic books in the past, but they were American comics translated into Italian, or an anthology of an Italian comic strip. These comic books actually are written and drawn in Italy.

The one for Linda is called Witch -- an acronym from the first letters of the five girls in the story. It has been running for a long time, apparently. The issue sent was a special edition. It involves a guy and a girl from parallel universes who fell in love during a war between the universes or something. The issue reads from both directions. One cover has the girl in color and the guy in outline, while the other has the guy in color and the girl in outline. The first pages of each side seem to be rather parallel too. One page before the centerfold, each of those two has gone to bed, and they meet in the centerfold (in a dream, I guess). Pretty trippy. I didn't look too closely at it yet, though.

The one she sent for me, like Witch, is published by the Walt Disney Company Italia, S.p.A. It seems to be a bit more light-hearted, but it is a much newer comic. The issue I got is #3, dated December 2003. It's called Monster Allergy. It's about an asthmatic boy, Zick, who has the ability to see ghosts and monsters, as well as see monsters which are possessing people's bodies. Turns out, he happens to be allergic to monsters -- go fig. Nobody else can see or hear the monsters or ghosts (and only he sees a monster when there's a possession going on). There are cats within this issue, who also talk, but in a yellow dialog bubble, so I'm not sure if anyone can understand them (or maybe if Zick can). It seems like a fun premise! Here's the cover of this issue:

Yeah, the title is English, even though the text is all Italian. Inside the front cover issue is an ad for trading cards and games etc. relating to the movie Sinbad: La Leggenda dei Sette Mari found in packages of Mulino Bianco cereals and snacks. Inside the back cover is an ad for a line of fridge magnets relating to the movie Alla Ricerca di Nemo.

Apparently there is a Disney Channel Italia, also, for they say on the back page that one can get caught up with the latest of Monster Allergy on the TV show Scooter, described as (translated from the Italian) "The first TV magazine of modern times and trends for kids," airing every Friday evening at 7:30 on Disney Channel. Actually, they might mean "...for boys"; the word is ragazzi, which, while it is a plural of a masculine word, could be used for kids in general, I suppose. The word "Scooter" has a kind of boyish feel to it, but the show has a male and a female host, so ... I'll stick with "kids" for the translation.

Oh yeah, the girl character, Elena, seems to like saying "Porca bomba!" as an interjection. Is this a normal Italian expression? It means, literally, "Pig bomb!" What gives?!

It's interesting that Disney has comics in Italy which are made as comics, i.e., not adaptations of TV shows or movies. They don't produce original comics in the U.S., do they?
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