February 8th, 2004


OK ...

OK, so here's a LiveJournal. I dunno how often I'll write in it, but hey, maybe I will!

I started doing a journal of sorts for my Grand Prix Legends league racing -- http://www.california.com/~keeper/ugplol/index.html -- if you want to see what I get up to every Thursday.

So, what's happening in Keeperia?

I'm no longer working full time at the computer store. My landlord wants me to work for him, helping to add products to the database for his online store at http://www.ucpros.com (MicroController Pros Corporation). I've been doing shipping for a few months now already. Some of the web site maintainence requires the use of PHP of which I have no experience, but it seems pretty straightforward and not much different than HTML itself, frankly. So just getting some practice in and modifying existing scripts should be all I need.

But there's one big change that I'll have to undergo, probably. Orders from the web site are getting bigger and more plentiful, meaning sometimes there's no way I can carry stuff to the post office on my motorcycle. This means that soon I'll no longer have the novelty of being able to say I'm well into my 30s but have never driven a car. I'll have to get a little practice in if my fiancée, PenelopeCat, will let me drive her car. Basically, all I need to figure out is how quickly it accelerates, how quickly it stops, and how quickly it turns. Anything else should come naturally; I've had a license for 12 years -- it's just been motorcycle class. Her car, like the one I'd drive for the job here, is front-wheel drive and automatic, so it should be really simple. I'll have to work out how the automatic transmission in a car behaves at a stop, when I'm used to having to use a clutch or having a scooter's centrifugal system.

In the music realm of my life, I haven't completed any new composition since "Tattle Tale Rag" which I wrote in five hours (and that includes the process of making a printable score). You can hear a low-quality MP3 of Tom Brier playing it at the Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium in Sutter Creek, California -- http://www2.cruzio.com/~keeper/xtattle.mp3

That was written immediately after completing "Fiancée Rag" which I'd been working on since before there was a reason for the title. I don't have a recording of it being played live yet (other than one with too many mistakes to put up for public consumption), but do have a MIDI file of it: http://www.armory.com/~keeper/1/fiancee.mid

I have written a couple of strains of something else which I'm calling "Jump-Starting the Piano" but I haven't found the time yet to continue it. I'm not completely pleased with the first two strains yet (namely some of the transitions in the second strain, particularly leading into the repeat), but you can hear a rough MIDI file of the work in progress (no shading or anything yet so it's very rough): http://www.california.com/~keeper/jumpstrt.mid

Oh yeah, my "Conversation Pieces" is on Tom Brier's latest album, "Skeletons"! He made band arrangements of classic and contemporary ragtime, and sequenced them for a sampling keyboard. It's somewhat of a pity, because what people really want to hear is his live piano playing, but I think he figures he can play the piano any time at ragtime venues, while synthesizer arrangements ("Generic"), piano roll arrangements ("Pianola") and string-band arrangements ("Skeletons") are something he can only "perform" via albums. Ya gotta be creative, after all!

I have some of my own ideas of how "Conversation Pieces" would be arranged for band (I had a band in mind when composing most of the C and D strains, in fact). If only I had time, I might actually produce a band score (that's something I've never done). It would be really awesome to hear my music played by a real life band sometime. Maybe if I actually produced a score ... !

There are other things I'd like to do when I find free time, as well. One of those is to transcribe the lyrics to the Japanese version of the theme to the "Teen Titans" animated series. ( http://www.california.com/~keeper/teenjapn.mp3 ) I did this for the Japanese version of the theme to "Tiny Toon Adventures" a while back -- http://www.armory.com/~keeper/TJapanse.html -- though I'm sure there's still something wrong with a couple of those lines.

OK, that's it for now. Friends of mine, please let me know of your journals so I can add 'em to this friends list thingy and keep up to date with what's happening in your life! Oh, turns out the friends list thingy isn't what I thought it was. Well, I'll find some linky way or something...
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