February 19th, 2004


Translation fun!

Wanting to know what's going on in this issue of Monster Allergy (see entry below), I decided to begin translating it. That's not the fun part. The fun part is that I also decided to re-letter it in English as I go along!

I didn't translate the names. Some are already English type names, though certainly "Sfruscio" is a decidedly Italian name for Elena's cat. It comes from the (probably onomatopoeic) verb for "to rustle" as in to make noise. I think I probably shouldn't have translated all the instances of "ma" at the start of a sentence as "but"; I think Italians do that just as a sort of "Um", "Ah" or "Oh". It still reads well, though, I think!

I also haven't finished, but here's the first three pages! It's pretty amusing so far, though Zick isn't in it yet...

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It has been tricky to fit the English text into the speech bubbles sometimes, but I've managed to do it without changing the font size so far. The font is "Digital Strip" from www.blambot.com. In certain cases, I didn't change the original font -- the sounds, "mmm" and "aaah". Anyway, what do you think?

UGPLOL Race Report

Tonight, the UGPLOL hit the tight streets of Monaco 1967 for a 30-lap virtual race.

Porca bomba! I won! It seems kinda cheap that both my wins this season have been in races with only six drivers... Jason wasn't able to make it, and lost the point lead as a result. The new point leader is, well, me! However, the random draw for the next race turned up Monza 1967 -- one of the fastest tracks -- and I'll have to drive the slowest car because I won tonight. That'll be tough. I'll just have to try not to push, keep it on the track, and take what I can get. It's difficult, though. Monza really sucks you into the game of hotlapping... I doubt I'll leave there with the point lead, but it'll be an interesting race, with our handicap rules keeping all the fast guys out of the fast cars.

Martin Diamond got his first pole position tonight, and also set the fastest race lap. Unfortunately, he had mechanical trouble (i.e., lost connection to the server) with six laps to go while running second. I felt so bad for him, I drove into a wall while looking at the disconnect notice on screen! That sure messed up my steering at the end of the race. I had 20 seconds on the next car, though, so no worries.

Points awarded to top six finishers: 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 -- plus 1 point for pole position
and 1 point for fastest race lap.
Driver	  Pts PP FL Wins Aint Salz Zelt Good Oran Snet Adel Mnco   Car for Monza

O'Dell     39  1  1  2    3    2    7    5    1PF  3    4    1     BRM
Niemczyk   37  1     2    2    3    6    1    4    1P   3          Cooper
Voeller    34  1  2  1    4    6    5    2 F  2    8    1PF  2     Honda
Parlee     32  2  2  2    1PF  1 F  2    3P                        Cooper
Kaynakli   28  2  1  1    6    8P   1PF  8    3    6    2    3     Cooper
O'Kerry     9                       3    4              5          Ferrari
Morgan      9             7    4    4    6    6    9    8    6     Eagle
Cousin      9             5    5   10    9         5    7    4     Brabham
Diamond     8  1  1       8    9    9   10         4    6    5PF   Ferrari
Hudson      7     1                      7         2 F  9          Lotus
Black       2                  7    8         5    7               Lotus

* Voeller had his points taken away at Zeltweg for using the incorrect car.
Click here for race statistics.