February 23rd, 2004


Next three pages of Monster Allergy translation

I did three more pages last night. Here we meet Zick, as well as Bombo, a none-too-bright monster who lives in his room. This also contained the first instance of Elena saying "Porca bomba!" I've decided that "Holy cow!" is the best equivalent.

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Also, I discovered from a future page that Bibbur-si is not a monster; it is the city of monsters.

Anyway, I'm working at home 20 hours a week now, and today is one of the days I should be spending working, so that's all for now.

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Some interesting notes about the translations for these pages:

Zick answers the phone with "Pronto? Chi cavolo è?" Cavolo is the Italian word for cabbage. The translation program didn't really help here. It did suggest that it can be used to refer to a stupid person, but that didn't quite work here either (that's interesting in itself, because the French use their word for cabbage as a term of endearment!). Ultimately, I had to look up the word in a real Italian dictionary ( http://www.demauroparavia.it/ ), and translate the definitions into English... Turns out that it also can be used as a replacement expletive.

Just before that, there was a word that really has no English translation. When talking about what he could be spared if Bombo would stay "offshore from my gym shoes", the word used is schifezze. I translate this as germs, only as the closest English word. In English, we really don't have a noun that has the same connotation as schifezza, which is used to indicate something really quite disgusting. Germ just doesn't have the same feeling, you know? BTW, when Animaniacs was dubbed into Italian, they translated Skippy's trademark "Spew!" as "Schiff'!" Maybe that gives you the idea...