March 10th, 2004


More motorcycling mayhem

I've never scraped footpegs when riding. The closest I've come is dragging the centerstand of a motor scooter. On a "real" bike, though, I've never dragged a footpeg or scraped my knee on the ground in turns, like you often hear people talk about.

Just now, though, I did drag something for the first time, unexpectedly and strangely. I dragged my FOOT.

On the way to my neighborhood there's a long uphill left-hander that's fun, followed by a fun (if you haven't caught up to cars by now) tight right-left S-bend, with the left being off-camber. Well, I had slowed down considerably on the way up the hill, so was able to open it up through this section -- I figure about 50 or 55 mph in a 35 zone with yellow 25 mph warning signs. On the off-camber left (meaning the road is higher on the left than the right), my left foot hit the ground. It wasn't the side of the foot, like you might expect; it was just under the toes.

I guess it's because of how I ride with my left foot UNDER the shifter, so it was angled down a bit. Still, I had no idea that it was the lowest point on the left side. I figured I'd hit the peg or the left tailpipe first. Maybe in shifting my weight to go from the right to the left, I also moved my foot down a little bit. (shrug) Odd feeling to have your foot suddenly feel like you're standing tip-toed on an industrial-strength vibrator. I didn't flinch, though. Just moved the foot up a bit. It didn't faze me or anything, which is good because that sort of panicking is what'll make you crash when something unexpected happens. It was just, "That's very interesting..." (reference to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which penelopecat and I saw last night).