March 19th, 2004


UGPLOL Race Report

The UGPLOL ran 18 laps at Rouen 1968 tonight.

I'm very pleased with my result. Rouen is not a good track for me, with its fast, flowing turns. I'm much better at point-and-squirt tracks, as evidenced by my wins at Oran Park and Monaco this season. Plus, my third-place finish last week meant I was in the Cooper for this race -- the car with the least power, but good handling. The track was a long series of public roads through the French countryside. Today, there is little evidence of the racing that used to take place on those roads -- a bit of fence here, some striped asphalt there.

(report and pictures deleted to make room for more recent race)

Next race: Watkins Glen, New York (1948) -- the original course through the towns, before the race track was built.

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