April 28th, 2004


Case closed!

I didn't post an update about the DMV wanting me to pay delinquest registration on my blown-up Ninja 250 which I sold last June. The Franchise Tax Board of California sent me a letter a few weeks ago saying I had three weeks to pay up before they'd garnish wages and other nasty threats, blah blah.

So I went straight to the Advocate's office about it.

Today I got a letter from the Tax Board saying they have closed the case.


Meanwhile, the XJ600 still seems to lose oil somewhere. Light film on the left side, it seems. Only a few days after topping it up, the oil light is starting to come on again for a bit after starting it, and it chugs a lot more than usual when cold. Ah well, given my lack of maintenance, I guess having to add fresh oil all the time is a good thing... At least it isn't spraying oil all over the rear tire like it used to.

I wonder if I should put the bra back on. (PREVIOUS SENTENCE LEFT INTACT FOR HUMOR VALUE) I took it off when the rainy season started, but now that it's sunnytime again... It doesn't really accomplish anything, but I guess it gives the bike a somewhat niftier appearance to have the black bits around it instead of the solid red everywhere.

The newspaper sent me a bigger check than usual. Nice! I'm not sure wherefore the extra amount, but I'm not complaining. The only thing I can think of is that a couple weeks ago, I sent the copy and the agate in separate emails instead of together like I usually do, so they actually paid me for doing the agate this time. (shrug) I used to get even more than this, of course...