April 29th, 2004


UGPLOL Race Report -- Season 9 opener

Season 9 of the Grand Prix Legends league in which I race (since season 5) began tonight, with new rules again. Now, a driver may choose any car for a race, but may not choose that car again until all cars have been driven. However, if you win a race, you never may drive that car again (unless by some chance you happen to win seven races -- one in each car -- in which case all cars become open again). This should prove interesting as the season wears on.

Tracks are still chosen at random, and the first round was held at Anderstorp, Sweden, 1973, for 24 laps. This is the track at which, in 1978 (with a slight modification to the layout), the infamous Brabham BT47 -- known as the "fan car" -- made its one and only appearance before being banned. A giant fan had been built into the back of the car, to pull air over and under it at a higher rate of speed, increasing the aerodynamic downforce.

No worries about downforce with our simulated 1967 machinery, however...

Pictures deleted to make way for the next diary.

Next race: Monte Carlo, Monaco (1967).

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