May 11th, 2004


Yay! I got a nifty compliment!

Note: Don't skip over this entry just because of all the Japanese. You don't need to be able to read it to appreciate the good feeling I just got! I will, however, translate the Japanese in a reply, in case you're interested.

There is a big ragtime scene in Japan, so I posted about my new compositions on a Japanese forum. I wrote:


曲名は「Priority Rag」です。

「Tattle-Tale Rag」の類例、だけ5時間内に曲を作りました。



(私の日本語から、ご免なさい。 大変ね!)


The next day, when I composed "Frivolity Rag", I wrote:


こちら昨日の「Priority Rag」の伴侶、「Frivolity Rag」です!


A highly respected Japanese guitarist and composer, Takashi Hamada (who is also editor of the only Ainu language newspaper, by the way), then replied:


Hello, Ron "Keeper"!
Frivolity Rag is pretty as well as Priority.
I remember Joseph Lamb's "light" rag such as Champagne Rag.
I like its dancable sound.

Your Japanese is also good!


Woo hoo!

Better than being compared to one of the "big three" ragtime composers was that last line there! Whee! Now, if only I could form more complex sentences...