May 14th, 2004


UGPLOL Season 9, Race 3

Tonight it was 21 laps around the famous, fast Monza circuit senza variante. This turned out to be another race in which the lead cars were within about two seconds for the entire distance. In this instance, however, there actually was some overtaking for the lead.

I'm extremely surprised at the result. Again having to unlearn the more accurate physics model of the 1965 cars which I had raced just days before, I had all kinds of trouble holding onto the ice-skating 1967 replicants. I changed setup three times in qualifying, and I was only on track for the final 15 minutes of the session. I didn't get a good lap in and was still spinning all over the place...

...and yet, I won the damn race!

Average speed of the race: 143.0 mph

Next race, just in time for the real one, is at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as it was in 1967 (there's an apron!) -- a rare oval-track event for us. It should be interesting!

Points awarded to top six finishers: 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 -- plus 1 point for pole position and 1 point for fastest race lap. Driver Pts PP FL Wins Ande Mnco Monz Indy Kaynakli 22 2 2 1 1PF 4 2PF O'Dell 19 1 2 3 1 Niemczyk 17 1 1 4 1P 3 Voeller 13 1 3 2 F 5 Diamond 7 5 5 4 Cousin 2 7 6 6 Morgan 1 6 Jodoin 0 7

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