June 4th, 2004


Scary moment yesterday

penelopecat and I went to the post office to do my daily shipments yesterday, and when we pulled into the parking lot, I started to feel strange. By the time we got inside, my vision was blacking out and I was feeling really bad -- worse than I've ever felt. My head and stomach hurt, my hands were cold and tingly, and it felt like I had to use the bathroom really bad. It felt and tasted like I was going to throw up too. I had her stand in line to take the shipments and I just dropped to my knees trying not to move in hopes that either it would feel better or not get worse, so that we'd be able to go somewhere with a restroom.

The postal workers brought me into their offices where they had their restroom. I indeed had diarreah but was constipated at the same time. I was out of drinks at home so hadn't had anything to drink in almost 24 hours; that didn't help, I'm sure.

After a while in there, I began to feel a little better. They gave me a bottle of water and that helped a bit. Then we went to Safeway to get drinks and I got a SoBe Energy. That helped a lot. I still didn't feel like eating, though I hadn't done that in 24 hours either (not uncommon for me; I tend to eat once per day). Got home, and did the weekly online race. No problem -- actually I think the concentration required to compete in the race helped to make me feel better.

I guess part of what brought it on was that I ate much more than I usually would the day before, and perhaps the new shrimp they were trying out at this Chinese fast-food place wasn't prepared properly or something.

I still have tingling in my right hand, though, which worries me. I mean, in some respect it could be related to using the mouse on the computer all the time now, what with working at home (what ARE the signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, anyway?). But there's another lack-of-blood-flow issue that's been cropping up (or not up, if you know what I mean) which is making me fear that I'm going to have a heart attack (for isn't tingling in one hand a sign of immiment heart attack or stroke?). Hmm, my right foot is tingling too now, but that's probably from sitting here...