July 11th, 2004


Bird-Bath Rag hand-played ...

Before I wrote Puppy Dog Rag, I had written Bird-Bath Rag, a slow-tempo rag (a "slow drag" I suppose). I wasn't entirely happy with it, so didn't bother programming a good MIDI sequence. Instead, I decided I'd try to make a hand-played sequence for the first time, hoping that the "live" performance would make the tune sound better.

I'm not good enough (or don't practice enough) to play both hands together, nor play anything correctly in one take, so this is several takes put together. I also had to quantize the notes to smooth out the uneven playing by my erratic, nervous fingers. But otherwise it's a hand-played sequence.

So here it is: Bird-Bath Rag.

This was composed on 31 May 2004.