July 12th, 2004


Cover finished!


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The puppy was drawn by my fiancée, penelopecat! It was unexpectedly tricky to work with, once I realized that the dog isn't wide enough to fill the width of the page, because the image has more "weight" on the right side, with the ball, signature and tail all in that direction. I think I managed to even the "weight" of the cover pretty well though without moving the dog off-center.

Soon, then, the sheet music will be for sale! Here's the first page for you, in PDF format!

Now, to come up with covers for some other recent rags of mine... I know what I want for Tattle-Tale Rag: A boy and a girl (white) in period dress, one of whom is pounding away at the parlor piano (obviously playing ragtime), the other holding his/her ears and shouting, "I'm telling Mother!" Playing ragtime in a white household was Very Bad Thing for quite some time, you see (white doctors even published papers saying that the syncopated rhythms would cause brain damage). Unfortunately, I have no artistic talent whatsoever (I like doing page layouts though!), and Penny's talent is limited, so unless someone volunteers, I don't see how I'll get that cover made.