July 13th, 2004


I wrote a Lilo & Stitch song parody!

No, not a parody of a Lilo & Stitch song, but a parody of a popular song, making it relate to Lilo & Stitch (well, just Stitch actually).

I came up with this parody idea a few days ago, and tonight wrote the lyrics, then decided to record it too! The MIDI file in the background is somebody else's work, but that's me playing the `ukulele, and my meager attempt at singing rock'n'roll music into a computer-boosted mic (read: spiky syllables) without waking the neighbors at 3 a.m.

This is a song about Stitch when he has a high Badness Level...

This MP3 was deleted because I have a new, extended recording with more verses! See http://www.livejournal.com/users/keeper1st/16090.html .

The lyrics include a few Hawaiian terms. "Braddah" is obviously "brother" and is a common way for guys to refer to each other. A "kolohe" is a troublemaker, and "stink eyes" is a nasty look. Oh, and as anyone who has seen Lilo & Stitch should know, "shave ice" is a snow cone.

Yes, I know I'm strange. Thank you.