July 14th, 2004


Dis stay mo bettah kine!

OK, I completely redid the "Devil with a Blue Dress On" parody -- adding the "Good Golly, Miss Molly" bridge and a third verse. Now, Lilo is introduced, her taming of Stitch is mentioned, then the final verse covers his fight against those who would take him from his new `ohana (so the song now goes from him being a menace in the first verse to being our friend at the end, just like the movie!). The tune is now in A major, with the bridge in C (before, I had transposed the main tune into C). I also listened to a recording of the real song (well, apart from the bridge) to get an idea of the true melody, then wrote out the whole melody and rhythm so I wouldn't screw it up too badly. I changed a few words in the first two verses also. I sang louder, farther from the mic, and that reduced the spikes, so more of the words are understandable too.

Click to hear the new, extended version MP3 file!

As before, that's me on the `ukulele!

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