July 19th, 2004


Babylon 5 and things

While in the RaceSimCentral forums, somebody mentioned having played Babylon 5: Into the Fire, the game that Sierra canceled just few weeks before it would have been finished. So I wondered if the project had been leaked or something and did a search. I didn't find it, but ...

In my searching, I found http://ifh.firstones.com -- an amazingly good freeware Babylon 5 game in development called I've Found Her. A training and prequel campaign is available for download there called Danger and Opportunity. Wow, is it ever good! OK, so it's completely linear (if you don't complete all the objectives, like in one mission where your squad and battleship are forced to retreat from a failed objective, you end up conveniently killed in hyperspace from a life-support failure), but it's the most amazing freeware thing I've ever seen. And it has a "just who are the good guys? are there good guys?" sort of storyline going on, fitting right in with the B5 universe. ...and clever things like coded messages saved into "sigma files" within the game can be read in the main menu database section, if you remember the password your character saves files with from an early cutscene.

I found out from that site, also, that actor Richard Biggs, who played Dr Stephen Franklin in the Babylon 5 series, died in May at the age of 43. What a shock.

While on the B5 kick, I decided to see if the unproduced Crusade scripts still were available. I'd read them when JMS had put them up on bookface.com (which no longer exists) several years ago, and they were outstanding -- the series really STARTED with these final two episodes of the first season ... but unfortunately the show was axed before they were produced. Anyway, I found the scripts, plus one non-JMS penned script that wasn't produced, at http://www.geocities.com/m3tr0man/scripts.html . That site also has things like the original Star Wars draft, an unproduced story treatment for E.T. II, and an unproduced 1993 script for a Spider-Man movie by James Cameron, just to name a few. Oh yeah, and the Superman Lives script by Kevin Smith, which is humorously referenced in Comic Book: The Movie (listen to Kevin's story about what a studio wanted to do with "Commander Courage" and replace the hero's name with "Superman" and that's it).

Speaking of Spider-Man, Penny and I saw Spidey2 on Wednesday. Nothing more to be said really. Yes, it was great. The actor who played Doc Ock reminded me so much of Maurice LaMarche that I imagined Moe playing the part instead. At one point, Dr Octavius even says "Ye-e-es!"