October 2nd, 2004


Nice upgrade, Charter!

Charter Communications performed an upgrade of their cable internet service in my neighborhood on Tuesday morning, which knocked us offline for three days.

They're going to have to run new cable that can support the upgraded signal, apparently. They tried a bunch of modems until finally finding one that could handle the low signal quality we've got right now, so at least we're back online.

But, darn it, I missed my online races! The GPL race was a non-points affair, but the NASCAR event at Pocono, looking at the results and times, I could have sat on pole and even won that thing... would have had a good shot at it, anyway. I was really looking forward to it after finishing fifth out of 21 drivers at Dover in my second-ever stock-car race the week before (and the following day, I won a an "open" race at Dover with 20 drivers).

Oh, and I'm 34 years old now. Egad!