October 10th, 2004


A new theme picked out by ear...

Most of you are aware that I have a tendency to work out theme tunes by ear and make MIDI files of them. Well, there's a new one! Just the basic melody line, and not the whole tune either yet, but it's a fun tune. I actually hand-played this rather than program it like I've done in the past:

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Oh, and I've finally put up an old one I did originally for the Amiga (thus it's limited to four voices, and the program I used didn't allow swelling of the trumpet) way back when:

Red Dwarf (opening theme from seasons 1 and 2, and closing theme) ... I could so make a really awesome version of this now if I put my mind to it, but here it is as the Amiga's four voices could handle it in Deluxe Music Construction Set more than a decade ago.

Other themes I've transcribed or partially transcribed, for those interested:

Freakazoid (just the melody -- tricky tune!)

Mister Bean (the original episode -- not from the series -- partially transcribed, unfinished)

Doctor Who (original version, done in three voices for the Amiga -- left one voice out so the Amiga could do some echo effect, though of course here in MIDI we can have echo on all the voices)

Doctor Who (1980 version, done as a sort of piano roll but with dynamics)

Animaniacs (another piano-roll treatment -- Warner Bros. actually downloaded this from my web site, and you'll find it on every Windows 98 and Windows Me CD-ROM as music for the Warner Bros. Channel active desktop, complete with my email address still embedded in the track names, though WB of course gave no credit -- actually this version is a slightly updated version from the one they used)

Animaniacs (orchestral version based on my piano-roll arrangement above)

Skippy & Slappy from Animaniacs -- just melody and bass line, never completed.

Hmm, I also transcribed the Pinky & The Brain theme, but only ever wrote it down on paper and as a text file.

Last night I plucked out the Teen Titans theme melody too, but it's boring. I should work out the rock organ part as well, really. I'll need to study a recording for that. What I'd really like to do is transcribe the Japanese lyrics (http://www.california.com/~keeper/teenjapn.mp3). I've just never gotten round to it.