November 4th, 2004


Money laundering! ... and other things

A couple weeks ago, I ate at a Panda Express, and had to pay using two golden dollar coins and one Susan B. Anthony dollar coin. The guy taking the money had seen neither before. He trusted that I wasn't trying to fob off fake money on him, because I've eaten there before. As I sat down, I saw him showing the coins to his supervisor, and the supervisor was very suspicious of the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

Today, I decided I was going to eat there again, and it made me think of that, and thinking of that made me think of the three silver dollar coins I have. So I looked at them, and -- egad! -- Eisenhower is covered with green splotches! The coins have begun to oxidize. Strangely, the one from 1972 is in far better shape than the two from 1977 (or maybe not so strangely; the metal content was changed in that time, as I understand it). Anyway, what can I do to clean 'em up? or should I just give up and turn them in for the run-of-the-mill new coins?

--- --- ---

I haven't written for a while, so this entry will be like a few in one!

So let's see... interesting things to have happened lately...

Sure, I've come close to hitting various animals on my motorcycle, including deer, dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons, turkeys... But a new one was added to the list last Friday. I had to jink at the last moment to avoid running over a tarantula! That was only the second time I'd ever seen a tarantula in Real Life. Somehow I doubt he was able to make it across the road without getting squished though.

--- --- ---

My landlord wants me to work full time for him now (MicroController Pros Corp.). That would mean leaving the computer store after seven years -- kind of my "something to fall back on just in case" job. I'm the only person who knows how to do a heck of a lot of stuff there, too. The other problem with this is that when penelopecat and I finally get married and I move out, what happens then? do I commute to this house? For now though it seems like the right thing to do, but I'll probably have to stick with the store until the first of the year, to help them through the holiday shopping season.

--- --- ---

The Cartoon Cars online NASCAR Racing 2003 Season race at Lowe's Motor Speedway which I talked about in an earlier entry finally happened last night, though we decided we'll be running the cars again next week too
at Talladega. For the first race, we had 10 cartoon cars (11 if you count the Slurm Ford which is used in every race anyway) out of the 17-car field.

To quote Colin Edwards: "I won, dammit!" YES! My first NASCAR league victory, driving the Angelina Pontiac designed by Federica Giulietti. I had help, though. I was in third with six laps to go, had some damage that was holding me back, but the Transformers car and the Captain Caveman car tangled with a lapped (non-toon) car. We restarted with two to go, and I had the Stewie (Family Guy) car of xfactordx behind me, but he also had some damage and had to be more concerned with those behind him, so I held on for the win! I want to have a big diary with pics so you can see all the cool cartoon cars in action. I just need time to do it. I should be able to on Saturday.

Now, the spring broke on my accelerator pedal. Bah. I'll need to fix that on Saturday too...

--- --- ---

penelopecat and I are going to try to see The Incredibles tomorrow. Matinee... the line may be ridiculous, but at least this is a smaller town than if we were to try the same thing near her place.

She will write about it in her journal, as she always does after seeing a movie for the first time.