November 11th, 2004


Ant invasion!!

No, not in the house -- on my motorcycle!!

Yes! There was a well populated trail of ants (carrying larvae even) coming out from my starter switch cover, crawling over the mirror mount, down the handlebar, then down the main shaft into parts unknown! And I thought the spiders were bad...

So I started riding anyway, and in the rain they couldn't hold onto the metal handlebar so well. At a stoplight, I looked and they had all piled onto the dime-sized bit of plastic where the mirror is mounted, just ants on top of ants on top of ants -- a huge mound of 'em! Finally got to my destination, saw a pen on the ground and used that to fling ants everywhere. After that, only saw a few stragglers on the bar or on my tach. Hopefully the remaining members of the colony have decided that my motorcycle is not a nice neighborhood.