November 15th, 2004


Skunk in the Parlor

That's the name of my latest composition!

The Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival is known for having new rags inspired by it, and, this year, I was encouraged to add an effort of my own. All the obvious titles were taken, so I had to think of something original. Myself and other composers stay the weekend in a Victorian house fondly nicknamed "Skunk Hollow" in the parlor of which is a piano which gets played late into the night and early in the morning. Of course, Skunk Hollow already has a rag named after it. But I thought about the parlor piano, and came up with the link between skunks and piano keys -- both are black and white! So then, what if a skunk wandered into the parlor, attracted to the piano? Thus I came up with the title, and began writing music which hopefully seems to match!

As for the ants on my motorcycle: I only see a couple here and there now. I think the colony moved on or got cooked by the engine heat. At least I hope so! I still look all the time and am slightly afraid to put my helmet on the seat while putting in my earplugs and zipping up my jackets.