December 23rd, 2004


In case you're wondering...

My first superspeedway race didn't go as planned. I wanted to finish the 200-lap event, but only completed 30. Alas! First 20 laps were good. I qualified fifth out of 33 starters, slotted into sixth place with xfactordx behind me. He was bump drafting me a bit too much for such a long race (running the risk of damaging his radiator), but was safe about it -- only hitting me on the straights, and backing off when I would back off to keep from hitting the truck in front of me.

After a caution flag, I came out of the pits in 7th. I was around some guys I didn't know too well, so when I got a good run going, I went to the inside to get back up to the trusted folks in front. Just after pushing a friendly team member (i.e., someone from a team in the same TeamSpeak voice chat room as my team) to the lead, I had Shawn Fredericks behind me and he had been looking a little racy. Sure enough, the first time I tapped the brakes to keep from hitting the leader getting into Turn 3, Shawn didn't back off and took me, himself, xfactordx and a few other trucks out of the race.

Ah well! But it was fun while it lasted, even if it was only 15 percent of the total race distance.


I had hoped to post a picture of some of the wild turkeys that roam this neighborhood which I took the other day with this cheapo toy camera, but of course they didn't come out. On Monday, I heard the turkeys out in the back yard, then suddenly heard one really loud. I turned around, and there was a turkey standing on the railing of our deck! He must have flapped his way up the stairs to the second floor, then flapped up to the railing. It's a pretty impressive feat for a full-grown, two-foot-tall turkey to get that kind of a high perch!

Alas, by the time I got my camera, he had jumped down, scared by the landlord looking through the window. But a few more of them were in full puffed-up-and-fanned-out mode, so I tried to take pictures of them from the deck, but this toy camera is, well, a toy, and it has no sense of light sensitivity, so the pictures are unintelligibly dark but for a couple of leaves on the ground. I can see the turkeys, because I know what I'm looking at. Nobody else would see anything in the dark blobs. Someday I'll have a real digital camera and will be able to take pics of them, or some of the deer around here. Went out to put some mail in the box the other day and there were two large bucks at the bottom of the steps from the front door. I was like, "Er, excuse me, gentlemen..."

I do wish the deer would stop this awful habit of pooping while walking across the driveway, though. They never used to, but now it's happening all the time.