January 8th, 2005


Silly phenomenon ... and a Martian!

I didn't eat anything but a salad and a sandwich yesterday -- all I had at home -- so tonight I rode down and got Chinese food. Ooog, stuffed I was.

On the way back, I figured I better stop at the grocery store, for not only was I out of food at home, but very low on drinks. I looked over all the various possibilities for food, but didn't buy anything other than a bottle of juice.

Now, that's dumb, 'cause I know I'm not going to have any food at home until penelopecat gets here late tomorrow afternoon -- about 22 hours later. It's that phenomenon where you will buy more stuff when you shop while hungry than you will if you just ate. I just ate, so none of the food really cried out, "Buy me!" The total non-desire for food at that very moment overrode the sensible thought of, "Gee, I'll be hungry again tomorrow..."


On New Year's Day, I caught a bit of the Twilight Zone marathon that, um, some station was running (was it Sci-Fi Channel? don't think so...). So there are all these people in a cafe during a storm, and apparently something mysterious had landed in that small town, so everyone was fearing Martians. Then the bus driver realizes that there's one more person with the group than had gotten on the bus before! Gasp! Well, eventually, they leave, and one man returns, saying the bridge collapsed and the whole bus fell into the river. The guy at the counter notes that this man isn't even wet. His cover blown, the first guy lights a cigarette using his third arm and explains that he's an advance scout for a Martian colony. Well, the guy at the counter says there is a colony coming, but not from Mars, 'cause the Venusians intercepted it, and they're coming -- and he reveals his third eye.

But that last bit is neither here nor there. The Martian had a third arm. It was on the right. Just like kinkyturtle. Could KT be a Martian? I mean, heck, he IS a Little Green M-- er, Turtle!