January 10th, 2005


Heh, interesting, but not surprising, statistic

Just checking around with Google Groups, and noticed you can get newsgroup stats.

So I checked the stats on alt.tv.animaniacs, and, well, have a look at the all-time posters top five:

1746 kee...@cats.ucsc.edu
1637 lari35...@aol.com
1322 a...@lafn.org
1107 eocoste...@aol.com
1088 film2e...@aol.com

That first one is me from my old UCSC account. No surprise, eh? The second is Lari, the No-Longer-Teenaged Goddess of Heavenly Bodies and Brownies. Narfcake is third. Eric Costello slots into fourth, and film2edit has fifth. We're the only ones with over 1,000 posts. I wonder how many more I have from after no longer having a UCSC account!

Seeing that their archives go back to July of 1993, before the show debuted, I thought, gosh, I wonder what my first post really was! I think it was a transcription of the "Who's on Stage?" bit from Woodstock Slappy. Well, for some reason it refuses to go back farther than 82 pages of my posts, so the earliest post of mine I could read is one from April 27, 1994, responding to something I had posted earlier. But then I started poking around by date. I found a prophetic thread which apparently was started by Will Bell around November of 1993 called "Get a Life!" where he satirized himself and the other denizens of the group.

Then I found my first post to a.t.a! It was on March 4th, 1994. How nice of me to have pointed out in the post that it was my first post, so that now, nearly 11 years later, I would know it was my first post when looking through the archives:

In <2kvbh0$...@usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu> a...@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (P. J. Remner) writes:

>Okay, so one time my friend Larry Cramer came up to me with the lyrics
>to "Animaniacs" and he wanted me to correct the lyrics (this was in the
>LUNCHROOM) and a lot of the lyrics were way off like "Buttons goes after
>Mindy" and Goodfellas instead of Goodfeathers but anyway I got to the
>"pay-or-play" part and he thought it was "we paid for fake contracts".

Heh. "We have paid for fake contracts" is a good line. It's clearly wrong,
but it's humorous.

(Wow, my first post to this group. I've only been waking up early enough
to see Animaniacs for two weeks. So, now I have seen it, and think it's
quite good.)

"Wait 'til we're alone."

Ron O'Dell `Keeper' kee...@armory.com kee...@cats.ucsc.edu kee...@ucscb.ucsc.edu

So there you have it. Narf.