January 28th, 2005


Federica's in a Gorillaz talent contest

For those who don't keep track of her on DeviantArt:

Federica has an animated video up on gorillaz.com's "Search for a Star" competition.


Her video is named "Sound Check". So look for it on that list. I know almost nothing about Gorillaz other than it's a fictitious cast of characters used to represent "members" of a band, the real members of which remain nameless and record bizarrely titled songs. But her video matches the rhythm of the music pretty well, and seems to show the most talent of them all. (The computer-generated one, "8-bit Land", seems neat too. Some of the others are downright stupid. The Sushi Ad one is funny, though not too difficult to do; then again, the voting is based on ideas as much as it is on execution.) So anyway, check it out. You can vote for it if you like it, and if she's this week's winner, her video will go into a final-round competition, the winner of which ends up working for them on something for real. That would be nifty, eh?