February 20th, 2005


Answer to what the Warners are?

They're pigs!

I just saw for the first time an episode of Duck Dodgers that apparently made its debut quietly back in August, titled Pig Planet. Cadet (Porky Pig) has his two nephews and niece on board the ship. They're named Porko, Puerco & Sow.

Porko is the oldest and acts as their leader. Familiar voice by Rob Paulsen. He even says, "ehhhhh..."

Puerco is the middle child who wears a red cap. Familiar voice by Jess Harnell. He likes to eat.

Sow wears a pink dress and has black hair (on a pig!) bound together with a yellow scrunchie. Familiar voice by Tress MacNeille.

They're all rather uncontrollable, as well.

Fun to see an Animaniacs reference in something modern.