February 21st, 2005


Hail yeah!

Wow. We got tropical weather today, coming from the south, and it sure was weird for California.

It looked like a pleasant, partly cloudy day all morning. Then at 1 p.m. I went to get a drink, came back and thought, "Gee, it seems to have gotten rather dark." Then suddenly WOOSH!!! High winds and massive hail! FLASH! KABOOM!! Lightning and thunder!

Fifteen minutes later, it was sunny and calm (though the thunder still was heard in the distance). I checked the Doppler radar images. We went from having nothing over us to having a RED band in one frame (15 minutes). Red? We don't get red in California! We rarely get out of the green range -- an occasional bit of yellow, but never red! It must have dumped three inches of precipitation in that short span of time. I've never seen our front yard an driveway so flooded.

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Wacky wacky weather. We don't get tropical stuff like that. I saw a deer in our front yard getting hailed on. She looked so miserable -- nowhere to take shelter.