March 19th, 2005


Wow, only a week...

Only a week until the first new Doctor Who series in over 15 years begins airing in the UK. So, does anyone have connections made overseas to get the episodes sent over here? (EDIT: Turns out the episodes will begin airing in Canada in early April! How convenient, if they remain unedited! Not that I can pick up Canadian broadcasts way down in California, mind you.)

I've been poking around trying to find recordings of the new theme, and found a fairly good portion of it here: (it's at the end of the entire six-minute bit of people talking about the Doctor Who theme tune). He appears to have added some notes to the end of each bar in the bass line. In an interview with the composer I saw (which didn't include any portions of his rendition of the theme), he mentioned having filled in a gap in the rhythm; this must be what he was talking about.

I just played on my keyboard how (I think, from memory) the new bass line goes in the new Doctor Who theme --

Other than that, and the general orchestral undercurrent (he mentions strings and trombones specifically), it seems to have been kept much like the original (he says the melody line is still all Delia Derbyshire) -- even bringing back the "sting" and "howl" that were added to the original in the early 1970s.

Oh, I found a link to download the 50-second trailer that's running on the BBC currently, in nice high res:

oh, and I've discovered that the first episode has been leaked and is online for download. I'll have it in just 10 hours. I need to go to bed now anyway... Lots of good reviews. Wow... Hopefully it'll find its way over here in a proper form too.

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