April 2nd, 2005


And so, the day is saved...

This poster and model sheets is on display at the Tokyo International Anime Fair, which opened on Thursday. It you don't get it just by looking at it, it's called "Powerpuff Girls Z". The poster was on display on March 31 -- not April 1. There are a few web logs in Japan wondering whether this is for real or not. Some say "Make it stop! Make it stop! I pray that this is an April Fool's Joke!" while others say "This is not a joke!"

Well, so far I've found one blog entry which talks in some detail about this. He says it's at the Production I.G. booth and something about "Super Doll Rika-chan" and "Wandaba Style". He goes on to talk about being an otaku and how great he thought it was and wondering about casting. I'll post the Japanese as he wrote it here. Maybe toonygal can do a better job at translating it than I could.

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So, how bad was my translation? And of course the question is: Are they serious or just pulling a prank on everyone at the anime fair? It's got to be a joke. I mean, copyright issues and everything... Pretty nifty though.