April 4th, 2005


More on the dialogue in Pita-Ten


I watched an episode of the anime version of Pita Ten. We had been wondering why Misha's dialogue in the English manga is so childish and what the deal was with the "Su!" everywhere. Watching the anime in Japanese helped. Click the link above for the details!

I finished the manga last night, reading the last four books in one sitting (I had read the first four books two and a time in one sitting 'cause two was all I have). It was quite an engrossing story, I think because, from the very start, you get a sense that the author knew what was going to happen (to an extent). So you know there was a mystery there.

The anime, by the way, is exceptionally cute!

Major oops!

After dropping off the day's shipments at the post office, I went to Quizno's and ordered a large smoked turkey sub.

Then I went to pull out my money and... I didn't have it. Last night I had moved my paper money from the corner of my desk to inside the nearby drawer, to make sure I wouldn't knock it over into the trash bag at night. I've never done that before; I always leave my spending money on the corner of the desk next to the dogtag (cattag?) of Penelope Pussycat (as a link to penelopecat) and my license. The result is that when I went out, I grabbed my license and the coins that still were where the rest of the money usually is, but didn't take any paper money!

The sandwich was just about to go into the oven when I realized this. I'm sure it all was a waste. And because it was later than usual (after 5 p.m.), the people there didn't recognize me as the guy in the yellow rain suit and black helmet who comes in a few times per week. The other staff probably would have just said, "Eh, pay next time then."

As it was, I simply had to apologize and leave. Since it takes 15 to 20 minutes to get into town from up here, I wasn't about to ride all the way up and all the way back just for a sandwich.