April 5th, 2005


How to make Keeper buy a DVD drive

The mailman arrived today and had a new shipment of product for our business, and another thing addressed to me but without the company name on it. What is this?? Overstock.com? What are they sending to me?

I opened it up and inside was a considerably damaged DVD case, in bits, but inside those bits are two DVDs. It's the DVD release of the 1981 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV series. This must be my belated Valentine's Day gift from penelopecat. Isn't she nifty neato keen?

I've been meaning to buy a DVD burner. My ancient DVD-ROM (1x!) stopped reading anything (first stopped reading CDs but now has much difficulty with even DVDs). I'm successfully able to capture video with this new video card too, so I can transfer stuff to DVD if I had a burner. And they're so cheap now, I should go get one. Now I have an excuse: Can't watch this new DVD without one! The reason the gift was belated was because she was loath to buy me DVDs if I couldn't watch them. But I never got round to buying a DVD burner, so I guess she did this to get me off my butt and buy one! heheh!

The DVD set looks interesting. The second disc has 130 minutes of extras -- documentaries that aired about the programme back when it was new, unused footage originally shot for those documentaries, deleted scenes, a Douglas Adams tribute, etc.

The packaging is typically American HHGG, with the mysterious Cosmic Cutie on it. Douglas himself had no idea who came up with that green ball thing which appears on the covers of all the U.S. versions of the novels, the computer game, and of course now this DVD set. It was just something that someone at the U.S. publisher of the books came up with.