May 5th, 2005


Fuzzy Face

For two weeks in April, the landlord and landlady went on vacation. During that time, I stopped shaving, to see what would happen.

As I'm "Mostly Hairless", it was no surprise that only scattered hairs grew on the sides, so I kept those shaved. Under the chin there is growth only on one side, so I kept that shaved off. The only areas with anything to speak of were the chin itself and, to a lesser extent (perhaps more because the hairs were light brown and gray than anything) the upper lip. Still, not enough growth to make anything viable, I don't think.

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Maaaaaybe given enough time something could work. But it was an interesting experiment. Linda seemed not to like how it looked (which isn't to say she didn't like how it felt!), and after I shaved it off she started wondering again on certain "designs" I might have been able to do. (shrug) What do you think?