May 18th, 2005


Scribble Time!

I was telling some of my sim-racer friends that my handwriting when I write down good lines during an interview with a race car driver is so bad that it basically just is a way for me to remember what I heard at the time, rather than proper writing. Well, xfactordx said he'd be able to read it. I said no way. He saw that as a challenge.

So, I grabbed a notepad from an IMSA Sportscar race 10 or 11 years ago and found a page. I couldn't read all of it at first myself. Eventually, I figured it all out -- again, more remembering the interview than figuring out the writing. It was quite fun hearing guys try to read what it said, so I decided to make it a fun challenge for all of you!

Let's see you all try to read it!