May 21st, 2005


Deciphering the Scribble

In my last entry, I challenged you to read my written notes from a press conference 10 or 11 years ago at a sportscar race. The image is at

As I said, even I couldn't read that for several minutes. I could read just enough to remember what the guy was saying, and that allowed me to figure out the rest of the scribbles. I found it rather fascinating. Anyway, take a look at the picture again as you read below what it actually says.

Collapse )

See? It's readable! ... kinda.

I won but I don't care

SoBe has this instant-win thing going on currently. Well, I just got one that is a 2 weeks' membership for some place I've never heard of called Bally Total Fitness. If anyone wants it, I'll mail the winning cap in with your name and address etc. Just speak up!