June 23rd, 2005


Twice the Chiyo-chan, twice as kawaii

OK, so I finally saw the little Azumanga Daioh short film, and what a cute song at the end by Chiyo-chan -- overdubbed so it's TWO Chiyo-chans! Augh! I went looking for a pre-existing MP3 of it and found a Czech forum with some links to a few rips from Azumanga Daioh albums.

The album version of this "Sarabai" song isn't quite as cute in some respects. The movie's orchestration of tuba and accordion was cuter. But anyway, this recording is still quite kawaii! She does a great job of not only sounding like a little kid, but of singing slightly "off" like a little kid.


They have two other Chiyo-chan songs up there too. This one, the title track to the Chiyo-chan Character CD, is quite cute too, and also has an overdub making it two Chiyo-chans: http://addony.parba.cz/haluze/01_Sekai_wa_NEOHAPPY.mp3

This one's not as cute but hey, it's got both Osaka-san AND Chiyo-chan (not to mention an ukulele): http://addony.parba.cz/haluze/07._Hororin_Confetti.mp3

Also there was the extended version of the Azumanga Daioh theme. I already knew the theme was weird, but now I've realized something even weirder about it: Bits of it are in a seven-beat rhythm! Listen when it starts "Won-der-land!" It does three seven-beat bars, then an eight-beat bar, then three more seven-beat bars: http://addony.parba.cz/haluze/Azumanga_Daioh_-_Soramimi_cake.mp3

Just thought you manga and anime lovers out there might get a kick out of 'em. I have lyrics for them all if you would like -- both full Japanese and romaji.

If you can't get enough of Tomoko Kaneda's cute little-kid voice, here's a half-hour program of her trying to stay in character. http://www.joqr.co.jp/bbqr/mini.asx It's called "Tomoko Kaneda's Mini Mini Micro Electronic Kindergarten".

But what's this? Someone's making away with Chiyo-chan's dog, Tadakichi-san!

It's Yotsuba-chan, another character from the creator of Azumanga Daioh. Look at this cute posable figurine of Yotsuba-chan: http://www3.osk.3web.ne.jp/~kaiten/gallery/yotuba&!/yotuba.htm

Yotsuba-chan's series is beginning to be published in the U.S., under the title "Yotsuba&!"