June 28th, 2005


I'm huge!

Well, OK, not really, but I do seem to be gaining a lot of weight lately. Obviously, since the beginning of the year I've no longer been working at the computer store, so no more walking all day long and moving heavy boxes around.

But geez... We got a scale to weigh larger packages with here, and I stood on it last week to weigh myself. I was surprised to see the number 115 come up -- 10 pounds heavier than I'd ever weighed before. I noticed a couple days later how pudgy my belly was looking. So I weighed myself again and 117 came up.

Yesterday, I weighed myself a third time, wearing less and having just emptied my bowels. The result came back: 119.8 pounds.

I know that doesn't seem like much to most people, but weight is a relative thing. Essentially I've rather rapidly increased in weight by more than 10 percent.

I guess the lack of physical activity that I used to have when merching at the computer store (it was like the 5th-largest building that CompUSA occupies, too, so that's a lot of walking around all day) must be the difference. The weight really seems to be piling on rapidly, though. I guess I need to go for walks or something to keep my body active. I've never needed to make an effort to exercise in the past. Hmm...