July 3rd, 2005


Озорных анимашек, Пинки и Брейн

I recently received an email from a Russian girl named Anya, representing a group of Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, Tiny Toons, Freakazoid, Lilo & Stitch, etc., fans there. I've just been checking out her site, and she sent me links to her friends' sites as well. It's quite a group.

She not only has the Russian-dub lyrics from A! and P&TB, but sound recordings of them as well. I have yet to download the sound recordings, as internet traffic to Russia is quite slow right now on the weekend, but I'll definitely be adding them to my site of dubbed toon songs.

Here's her Pinky & The Brain site (also has the Animaniacs theme and lyrics): http://pinkyandthebrain.narod.ru/index.html

And the page with Russian lyrics (in Cyrillic), as well as the English (not translations of the Russian, but the original English): http://pinkyandthebrain.narod.ru/infop.html ... She sent me Romanized versions of the Cyrillic via email. Both will go on my site eventually. Perhaps I can get her to translate the Russian lyrics into English also.

And the page with recordings (not all in Russian): http://pinkyandthebrain.narod.ru/muzika.html

Poke around the site and you'll find links to video clips in Russian also.

She has a journal as well (the Russian equivalent of LJ) in which she posts fan art which I'm guessing is her own (I can read Cyrillic but don't actually understand Russian!): http://www.diary.ru/~lilostitchfan/

And of course, her Лило и Стич (Lilo & Stitch) page: http://www.lilostitchfan.narod.ru/

I've yet to check out the sites of the other fans she wrote on behalf of, so I'm not sure what goodies await. You can see links to their sites on her "fans" and "links" pages.