July 7th, 2005


Watch me sim-race! Live netcast!

This coming Wednesday, July 13, the NASSCAR SuperCup Series -- in which I compete -- will have a race netcast live by "ROC-TV". The live netcast will have commentators, streaming video, instant replays, driver interviews, etc., just like a real-life race.

I drive the #88 Olimex Development Boards Chevrolet for Diamondback Motorsports:

(there may be another car number 88 in the field; he's technically #088 but his car is painted as #88)

I may have fallen out of 2nd in the point standings after an early retirement at Daytona yesterday (controller froze up for the first time ever and I was along for the ride), but I should still be faring pretty well. Wednesday's race will be at Chicagoland Speedway.

The SuperCup Series is completely hard core: Random weather, open setups, forced cockpit view, no driver aids allowed. The series is big; 31 cars took the green flag this week. I'm a rookie, so this will be my first time in open setups at Chicagoland. I finished 2nd in a Fixed-Expert setup truck race there last year, though.

So log in and cheer me on! http://www.roc-racin.com/ROCTV/RocTVLive.htm is the link. Use Internet Explorer, though. Firefox doesn't quite load the streaming video properly, and doesn't format the live timing and scoring right either. (Keep in mind that timing and scoring will be about 20 to 30 seconds ahead of the streaming video/commentators, thanks to the wonders of caching on your local machine.) The race should begin shortly after 9 p.m. Eastern (typically around quarter after). They may have a pre-race show prior to that as well since this is the first time our series has been covered by them.