July 13th, 2005


Well, that sucked.

Although I don't qualify well there, Chicagoland is one of my better racing tracks. I started 16th and had just moved into 11th early in the race when my computer decided to crash. I rejoined the race two laps down, got two Lucky Dogs on cautions to get back onto the lead lap, then the first lap under green there was a wreck in front of me. I went down low but one guy in the wreck decided to let off his brake and rolled right in front of me. Race over only about 30 laps in, 27th place finish.

It already sucked having lost 2nd in the championship to a controller failure last week. Now I'm bound to lose 3rd... hmm, actually I had 119 points over my teammate, and he was out earlier than I was. I had 152 over the guy in 5th, and he is still running as I type, so we'll see. But I'll lose a lot of ground to second place, for sure. (Indeed, I kept 3rd, but now am 75 behind 2nd, and only 102 ahead of the new 4th. I'm 271 behind the leader now.)

Sorry I didn't get any "air time", everyone. I was feeling good about my progress and was confident I could end up in the top 10 with a top 5 a definite possibility. I'll watch the recorded netcast and if there's anything interesting about it I'll post a link to it. (Nope. They didn't even notice that my lost laps were due to dropping out of the server. But if you want to watch the race: http://www.roc-racin.com/ROCTV/CRO1.zip (they'll also have a DVD for sale of high-quality video, apparently)... The announcers didn't really do any homework about the league and its drivers and championship standings, or even exactly how hardcore the series is.)

Grrr... Got taken out on the third lap in our Pro Cup series race at the same track yesterday too, completely blindsided by someone driving way over his head. Hmph. Still leading the Hardcore Super Trucks and am fourth in Pro Cup, at least.