July 26th, 2005


"Angelina" in comic book form

After Federica presented her Angelina concept at a big European cartoon industry convention recently and was told that the concept was too complicated for TV, I thought about how the only animated series that have long, evolving plots like Angelina does are those that started life as a comic book or manga (cf. many Japanese anime, the DC-comics based superhero shows, and Italian cartoons W.i.t.c.h. and Winx Club). I half-heartedly suggested this to Federica, and she thought it was a good idea.

So good, in fact, that just a few months later, she now has two "issues" of an Angelina comic book series, in pencil sketch form at least. (Frankly, I think Issue 2 should be split into two episodes, given the length of it.)

http://www.shangelina.com/angelcomwishintro.html -- Be Careful What You Wish
http://www.shangelina.com/angelcomcrossingintro.html -- Crossing of Destiny

Pretty nifty, eh?