August 6th, 2005


My music heard by classical bigwigs

Yesterday I received a letter from pianist Rosemary Hallum, who bought some of my sheet music this past spring. I met her at the Ragtime Corner in Sacramento in June and she said she would be playing my Mad Scientist Rag in Italy! (Linked recording is of pianist Tom Brier.)

The letter talks about that performance. I didn't realize this was a classical music event where she would be playing it!


Dear Ron,

You will be happy to hear that I played your "Mad Scientist Rag" at the Amalfi Coast Music Festival and Institute in Italy last month. I had the place of honor as the final performer in the Finale Concert.

Prof. Tom Mastroianni said it was good to hear something with humor to end the program, and Prof. Eugene Pridonoff said I "played the s--- out of it" (which must be an ultimate compliment!).

I'm going to play it again for a Music Teachers Association group in September or October. It's fun to do -- thank you!


How cool is that?