August 9th, 2005


10 Years Ago

Somewhere around today marks 10 years since the Animania IV visit to Warner Bros. Animation and the studio lot.

Where are they now?

This will be only covering the last year or so for the WBA people here -- not a complete history of what they did over the past 10 years.

Starting from the kneeling folks in the front row.

Peter Hastings -- Still writing for cartoons, only as a freelance now I think. Last I heard, he was writing for Mucha Lucha. I see him on my AIM Buddy List from time to time but have not spoken with him since he was in the middle of producing The Country Bears movie for Disney. Hopefully he'll be able to get back into a production role.

Tress MacNeille -- Still as active in the industry as ever. The most recent major role that I heard her in was Fang in Disney's recently canceled Dave the Barbarian.

Jess Harnell -- Still very active in the industry and in TV commercials. I've heard his voice in what appears to be a regular character in Pet Alien. And of course he was one of the stars of Comic Book: The Movie. Recently married.

Tom Ruegger -- Still senior producer at Warner Bros. Animation, as far as I know.

Kane Leung -- Spookily, the last I've heard from "Narfcake" was an LJ entry saying he was leaving for a road trip, more than a year ago. LJ name narfcake.

Now, the standing people, in some semblance of left-to-right order.

Paul Rugg -- I don't know if he's involved in writing anymore, but he certainly has been doing some voice acting. Most recently, he was The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy in Dave the Barbarian and the eccentric teacher who believes in magical creatures in American Dragon Jake Long.

Rex Wheeler -- I don't know what "FuzzyTiger" is up to. His old site is still up.

Peter Yu -- I still see "Peetah" on my AIM Buddy List from time to time, I think. I last spoke to him a couple years ago.

Errrrr.... -- We still don't know the name of that woman. She accompanied Richard Nathan that day.

Brendan Dunn -- Now living in Oregon. He and Jill Watkins were married a couple of years ago, and they had their first child earlier this year. LJ name grishnash.

Karen Tindall -- Haven't heard from "KJTDot" in about eight years. Current whereabounts unknown.

Richard Nathan -- Unknown. He might still be around the rec.arts.animation newsgroup, or whatever high-profile, industry-read forum has taken its place.

Andy Diaz -- Still living in Oregon, I do believe. He contacted me recently about transcribing a piece of music from an Animaniacs video game. He's been obsessed with that tune for about 10 years! Heheheh...

Linda Tindall -- Haven't heard anything from her since the first generation of the Voicechasers site. As far as I can tell, she isn't involved in the new site.

Jay Maynard -- Gained certain notoriety recently as "Tron Guy" (, making several appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live. LJ name jmaynard.

Kevin Pezzano -- Disappeared from fandom almost immediately after Animania IV, for reasons best forgotten.

John P. McCann -- I saw his name on a few episodes of Disney's Dave the Barbarian. I don't know if he's working directly with any studio or just freelancing these days.

Bryan Chaney -- I actually don't know if Bryan is still living in Washington or if he moved down to Oregon! He's up there somewhere and still active online. LJ name wbwolf.

Jill Watkins -- "Spot" married Brendan Dunn a couple years ago, and... hey! just look at Brendan's entry above!

Andrew Mutchler -- Still very much active online. Quite active also in the "furry" community. Still a very talented cartoonist and all-around funny guy, er, turtle. LJ name kinkyturtle.

Molly Gore -- Haven't seen "pinkinia" for a while, but her old web page is still (partially) online at

Richard Stone -- The great WB cartoon composer passed away on March 9, 2001, from pancreatic cancer.

Julie Bernstein -- She and her husband, Steve Bernstein, continue to work in the music scoring industry. I most recently heard from her two years ago when she sent me some composer information to add to the AMLF for songs that were not credited in the Animaniacs episodes.

Ron O'Dell -- He's currently typing this text.

Kim Robarts -- Haven't heard from "Yakko's Babe" in quite a number of years. Still living in Ontario, as far as I know.

If anyone can fill in the gaps, that would be cool. I could even add this to the old Animania IV web pages. I do need to go through and update/delete the links on the names of the Who's Who page that goes with this picture!