September 22nd, 2005


Oh for the love of... Wakko!

I was just eating at a Quizno's, and a family was eating directly behind me. I kept hearing the names of states, so I paid attention and realized that the mother was quizzing one of the young daughters on state capitals. The little girl frequently would guess wrong (her favorite guess for everything was Salem). The father said something to her about not worrying too much because she won't have a test on it every week at school, but still seemed concerned that the girl was having a difficult time memorizing all this stuff by rote. He suggested that she write them all down as a learning aid.

I so much wanted just to start singing Wakko's America right there, but it would be rude of me to butt into their conversations, so I didn't.

A whole new generation is here that won't get any geography assistance from our favorite little inkblots.