December 27th, 2005


Animaniacs DVD news

Those who aren't on my Friends list (gasp! sorry! if I know you and you're not on it, tell me!) missed my last two entries. The short version: I was surprised and delighted to be on Tom Ruegger's Christmas email list.

He has written back with some news about the Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain DVD releases, and other things. This public entry deals with the DVDs since they're projects that already are "out there" known to the public.

He writes:

Maurice LaMarche is hosting the "extras" on the Animaniacs DVD, due in July. The interviews include Sherri Stoner, Rob, Jess and Tress, the Bernsteins (filling in for [the late] Richard Stone), and I get to say a few words. A few others as well. I believe the DVDs present the series eps in numerical order.

The Pinky and the Brain DVD is hosted by Rob and Mo. In the extras, Peter and I get to chat a bit, along
with others. Steven took a pass.

There you have it. Narftastic!