January 11th, 2006


Craziness of the week

An even better-quality capture (despite being saved at a lower resolution) is up now! File size is only just over 18 MB now. Much smaller.

http://rapidshare.de/files/11019001/lsace4.wmv.html (scroll down, click "Free", wait for the countdown to hit 0, then enter the 3-digit code shown in the graphics and click "Download")

...of particular interest to Lilo & Stitch fans. It's not the best recording or the best performances, but hey, it was one take. I would have preferred to map each storyboard frame accurately to my recording, and indeed I did capture all 700-odd storyboard frames, but I soon realized it would take absolutely forever to move them around in Movie Maker, and even 1.5 GB of memory wasn't going to help. So, instead, I output my computer monitor to my VCR and recorded going through the frames, then video captured the VCR playing it back!

(I finally have solved the washed-out problem with the first two captures. It seems I need to split my video signal to two working receivers, because the capture device on the PC has its gain set way too high and it is not adjustable. So, all the faint lines are visible now.)

Anyway, the episode has not aired yet, so it will be interesting to hear if my take on the character of Mortlegax is anything like what's in the real episode -- not to mention the way I made the other characters say their lines.

Oh, I couldn't remember what Cannonball is supposed to sound like, so I just made something up. Apparently, I was WAY off; he actually has a really high-pitched voice. Oops. Ah well. And high-pitched voices are something I can actually DO!