January 22nd, 2006


Blast from the past

It recently was discovered that Federica had never heard of Ren & Stimpy, so I went digging for my old tapes to capture a couple of the early (i.e., good) episodes to send to her. While doing so, I found my copies of Karen Tindall's old "Voice Actors Tapes".

On these, of course, was the E! News Daily bit about Animania IV. So I captured that too.

http://rapidshare.de/files/11551231/animiv.wmv.html (as before, scroll down, click "Free", wait for the countdown, enter the code, then the download begins)

Most of you have seen this before (heck, many of you are IN it), but for those who haven't: I'm the one who tips his hat to the camera and is seen later shaking hands with Tress MacNeille (you even can hear her address me as Keeper if you listen closely). I have on some unmarked tape somewhere a recording of this that I got off the cable myself; this is a copy, but it's still nice quality. It's 640 × 480 at 30 fps, variable bit rate. File size just under 19 MB.

As for these old episodes of Ren & Stimpy, they make me realize that someone should make an LJ icon with Mr Horse and the text "No sir, I don't like it!" for use when posting unfavorable opinions about things.