March 22nd, 2006


My music on TV, thanks to Federica!

Our friend Federica Giulietti was on a television program in Italy talking about her animation work! The first thing they showed was her Angelina title sequence for which I wrote the music and performed the laughing voice at the beginning!

How cool is that? Not only is that the first time my music has been heard on TV; it's also the first time my voice has been heard on TV -- even if it is just a laugh. My voice has been on the radio a couple of times (the last time being when voice acting coach Samantha Paris told me I had "obvious natural talent" and "would be a fool not to pursue a career" in voiceover -- I've been a fool), and of course I have been visible on TV a couple of times, but my this is the first time my voice has been heard on TV... unless that college film major's project for which I recorded about 20 cat shrieks ended up being broadcast somewhere -- doubtful.

If you are a DeviantArt member, view Federica's entire appearance here:

Otherwise, download it here:

(The second link is limited to only 20 or so downloads or seven days, whichever comes first. If you find that the link no longer works, let me know and I'll upload it again.)

The reason the video is saved into Flash was so that she could upload it to DeviantArt.

Well done, Fade! Here's hoping you got some attention!