April 19th, 2006


Please pass the ketchup...

Blarg! I'm so tired all the time lately.

Anyway, this is going to be about a few different things.

Firstly, I finally pulled out these old Star Wars pre-production art lithographs that I've had for almost 30 years. They're each too big to fit on the scanner, so I can't really show you them in detail. I did just lay them on my bed and take a distant picture of four or five at a time with this really cheap toy camera so you can get an idea of what they are.

I looked through the list of Star Wars merchandise that tikistitch's husband -- what you could call a world-renowned Star Wars collector (though of course she's quickly becoming a world-renowned Lilo & (mostly) Stitch collector!) -- has online, but couldn't find any item there that seems to match this set. Still, tiki, maybe he can identify/appraise these...? Alas, I don't have the black cardboard sleeve they originally had come in, but I believe the collection still is complete.

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On another note, hey! narfcake has turned up! He posted on the ToonZone forums. Good thing I happened to be having one of my "on" moments. I tend to disappear from there for months, show up for a week or two, then disappear for months again.

Jon McClenahan sent an email, commenting on some things that are on my web site -- Randy Beaman's Pal skits, and the infamous changed background in Meet John Brain. He surmises that WBA themselves made the non-crotch-holding version of a particular Colin (Randy Beaman's Pal) skit that we saw in the U.S., simply by splicing in animation from other Colin bits. He also couldn't quite remember why the "JUPITEP" was fixed to be "INDIANA" though. The last he remembered was having made a mental note to finish the "R" that the artist had left as a "P" but then never having time to do so. One of his colleagues must have done the new "INDIANA" background and the extra foreground cels. I'll have to put the details into the LACTOSE files.

His email domain got my attention. He's no longer at Midway Games, but has been hired by Star Farm Productions to be animation director for their Edgar & Ellen series slated to begin on the Nicktoons channel in April 2007.

It turns out, I have discovered, that Jon was told about my old web site during an interview he gave. ToonZone also has a slightly more recent interview with Jon, apparently, though I have not read it yet. Platypus Comix, who conducted that first interview with Jon, also has posted part 1 of an interview with Tom Ruegger which is required reading for all of you.

Extra points to those who understand why this entry is titled what it is. I want to go to bed!